FergaTroid Reviews- Batman: Arkham Knight

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If you think reading is for chumps check out the video review https://youtu.be/K16MVijNkhQ

Hey everyone I’m FergaTroid and welcome to this review of Batman: Arkham Knight, is this a good game or a bad game? Let’s find out.batman-arkham-knight-header-1266x844

In case you’ve been spending the last 5 years in the ocean with a really interesting book the Batman: Arkham series proved superhero games could be great (again). The games make you feel like batman swinging around and punching other orphaned youths who didn’t have billions of dollars to cry into. But anyway Batman: Arkham Knight is set a year after Arkham City and Batman has a new villain to face in the form of the Arkham Knight. To do this batman has to employ a new suit of armour, new moves and a tank? Why does Batman have a tank? When would he have ever needed a tank before the events of this game? Getting past that slight plot hole Batman will have to fight off unmanned drones and this feature is quite fun initially. Initially, that is the key word because you do so fucking much of this combat that it overpowers every other feature in the game. The glorious freeflow combat doesn’t take much of a hit in terms of content but the predator stealth has almost been completely cut out. It gets a tutorial early on and it only really pops it head around in the main campaign to complain about the noise that the fucking tank is making.n5l3mckzigoaq5mmy8sz

However the story is quite engrossing exploring themes of loss, betrayal, family and what makes Batman tick. The mystery of the Arkham Knight and his secret identity fell flat on its face for me. As someone who knows a thing or two about Batman I guessed the identity of the Arkham Knight before I put the disc in and throughout the game I was waiting for my guess to be subverted but it never was. And when he took off his mask I tried to be surprised but I knew that I was just lying to myself.thdag0akaxtpjdgwh8lx

Batman: Arkham Knight is an incredible game but it had to make room for shit tons of batmobile tank combat and to make room for that it had to take other things that made the series so special before. Batman: Arkham Knight gets 4 and a half stars out of five.

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