FergaTroid Reviews- FIFA 15

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If you think reading is for chumps check out the video review https://youtu.be/Q5afYDWeNYw

Hey everyone I’m fergatroid and welcome to this review of Fifa 15. But does this game win in a penalty shootout or is it time for this series to be benched? Let’s find out.1417895695-fifa15-exe-dx11-20141206-190425

You may be wondering why the hell in reviewing this with Fifa 16 right around the corner. Oh sorry I read that wrong I was gonna say that I was meant to review this game with Fifa 16 but I was too lazy to do that and I’ve already bought the game so here we are. You also might be wondering why I haven’t been reviewing games lately is because I’ve been focusing on other things like Batman: Cape & Cowl, school and other things that I can’t talk about right now. But anyway the review must go on!2555490-3125868804-FIFA1

I didn’t pick up Fifa 14 but I’ve played and Fifa 15 doesn’t seem to make a lot of changes to it. I reckon they slap Lionel Messi’s face onto the box then pull up his face on google images and put I few extra creases on his ageing character model. Then hand off all the new players that they have to create and no one cares about to the intern who will use the in game player editor.2665430-fifa4

I’ve heard there’s been some additions to crowd liveliness with new animations and more cutaways. Which is a really trivial thing to be in most of your Game Informer interviews and gamescom gameplay as a mind blowing new feature. But something that is mind blowing is the number of teams included in this game. I mean in cricket games you sometimes don’t get any fully licensed team let alone this amount of clubs and shoes.14

Aside from nit picks the game handles like a dream with kicks flowing effortlessly slides and such. A testament to the games animation to make the controlling of the game a joy to watch. The animations are so well blended and combined with the untethered ball make the game come alive with physics driven things that don’t seem like much of a spectacle in game but on replay they look incredible.FIFA15_Neymar

The game is a technical wonder and with so many people saying in the past 5 years that Fifa 11, 12, 13, 14 and now 15 ‘look like watching an actual game of soccer’ but I’m going to say that everyone who’s says that is dead wrong. I doubt the developers have even watched a game of soccer after their stomachs went over their elastic waistlines of their tracksuit pants. There’s no grit to the in game camera, all the mud on the players look like there down by a team of makeup artists.maxresdefault

FIFA 15 is fun game that will keep you soccer fans occupied, with its ‘great’ visuals, engrossing gameplay, spectacular realism, tv style presentation and wait why am I doing this FIFA 16 is out. FIFA 15 gets 3 and half stars out of five.

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