FergaTroid Reviews- Ratchet & Clank: Size Matters

Size_Mattersthree_half-stars_0Ratchet & Clank Size matters TableIf you think reading is for chumps check out the video review https://youtu.be/NLgGi6ADBzw

Ratchet & Clank: Size Matters is a 2007 platformer video game developed by High Impact Games and published by Sony Computer Entertainment for the PSP and PlayStation 2. The game is the first Ratchet & Clank title on the PSP handheld. Developer High Impact Games was spawned from the original Ratchet & Clank developer, Insomniac Games.648653-ratchet-clank-size-matters-playstation-2-screenshot-the-dream

As with Ratchet & Clank and Going Commando, space combat is present. However, this time, the player controls Giant Clank, rather than a ship. Also, there are arena battles, but this time, the player plays as Clank in a variety of vehicles. Clank returns as a playable character, and is again able to control a set of Gadgebots, smaller robots which can perform certain tasks for him, although this only occurs in one section of the game. But the player may still play with Gadgebots in Clank Challenges on planet metalis. Similar to previous games in the series, this game contains a variety of weapons which can be upgraded. For example, the Lacerator is upgraded to the Dual Lacerators. Mods can be purchased for most weapons from Slim Cognito vendors. Some weapons and gadgets from previous games appear, such as the Hypershot, Bolt Grabber and R.Y.N.O. Nanotech health can also be upgraded. The main way to beat enemies is firepower, so bolts which are used as currency are an important criteria of the game. Although there is no way to access weapons, etc. from previous games, additional skins can be unlocked on Secret Agent Clank if the player has a Size Matters save.211287-ratchet-clank-size-matters-psp-screenshot-two-guns-better

There is also a new system for acquiring armor. Instead of buying armor from special vendors, as with games such as Going Commando, parts of armor are found in levels, and can be combined to make different suits, each with their own unique advantage, as well as additional protection. When the player completes the game they can choose to enter “Challenge Mode”, but you don’t have to. It is easier to get all 25 skill points before challenging Otto again. Some skill points are harder to achieve because some of them upgrade. For example, the giant clank missions are skill points if you get a high enough score. In challenge mode, you need 950 points. While still possible, you can choose to give yourself a challenge with this portion of the game.211262-ratchet-clank-size-matters-psp-screenshot-main-menu

The story goes a little like this: So there’s this girl called Luna who asks to snap some ratchet and clank action. However the heroes are holidaying so they are being lazy. Sorry I was distracted did you hear that viewers that was the sound of thousands of male deviant artists’ pants ripping open from there massive erect penises.randcsm

The multiplayer is interesting but ratchet and clank’s strength isn’t as a pure shooter.s29401_psp_22

Ratchet & clank size matters is a successful translation from dual analogue stick 3d action platformer to single analogue stick 3d action platformer. Ratchet & clank: size matters 3 and a half stars out of five.

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