Jak 3 Review

Jak_3_front_cover_(EU)3 stars TableIf you think reading is for chumps check out the video review http://youtu.be/Vf4eGOflGrs

Jak 3 is the third game in the jak and daxter series. Will this game be like Ratchet & clank 3 where the threequel is the best in the trilogy or Spider-man 3, Sly 3 and much more where the third one is the worst.  But in this case is jak 3 the best of the series. Well I haven’t played the lost frontier but I would say so.111404_jak3_03

Something that Jak 3 has going for it is freedom you can ride birds in a desert town, drive combat dune buggies, run around, platform, use your hoverboard, you can go into the city and drive flying cars and much, much, more. I think the jak series works when it focuses on these rather than get bogged down in on-foot combat. Don’t get me wrong the Mad Max inspired dune buggy fights are awesome but when you’re fighting on foot it’s just boring. Combat in a jak game is best when it’s used to compliment the platforming not the other way around. Something I did enjoy about the combat was jak’s new combat capabilities. You know the spin kick right? You know the jump and spin kick right? Well equip the yellow rifle then jump, spin kick and then fire! Pure awesomeness.  621282-919901_20041115_003

The game looked great on the ps2 and looks even better on the ps3 and as grand tradition of naughty dog the traversal animations are great especially the pole swing one. The desert is also an impressive technical achievement.111404_jak3_05

I got farther in this game than jak 2 because the game had more structure and was less difficult.6832358785_74c0028eb7

The story is less complex and has more depth which is the better kind of story. However the character motivations are more complex which is a good thing, and there is even more intrigue in the plot.Jak-and-Daxter-HD-Collection-Coming-in-February-Video-and-Screenshots-Available-6

The voice acting is again great with once again daxter stealing the show.Jak-3

The weapon system has been expanded and improved with better more interesting guns.617624-919901_20041115_screen009

Jak 3 is a good game the best in the series and should be remembered as a good game. However I have to attack the jak fanboys because well jak and daxter is inferior to its other PS2 platforming peers namely Ratchet and Sly. Come at me kids! Jak 3 gets 3 stars out of five.

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