Sly 2: Band of Thieves Review

sly 2 coverfour_half-stars_0sly 2 tableIf you think reading is for chumps check out the video review

Sly 2: band of thieves is the sequel to sly cooper and the thievius racconus.but does this classic game hold up?091904_sly2_03.sgsb The core sly gameplay has largely been unchanged except for the fact that sly finally has a health bar so when sly is hit he doesn’t wimp out when an enemy points out a fleck of pastry on his shirt. The whole suite of controls has been improved and this stealth platformer finally has stealth elements because it’s easier to take down enemies in stealth than in combat but it’s hard to stay in stealth. And before you all jump at me in the comments section there was some stealth in sly 1 but is wasn’t as organic and as fun as the stealth in sly 2. Also new to sly 2 are the new playable characters in Bentley and Murray. Bentley is a largely weak character who relies on a crossbow and bombs to dispatch his enemies and like sly he prefers to stick to the shadows. Murray is a more of a brawler and his missions are mainly about punching things. The locales that the sly and the gang go this time are much bigger now the tiny hub worlds of sly 1 have been replaced with huge open environments with so many areas to explore and shenanigans to do. The hacking mini games have been improved but the turret sequences are still crappy.ps2_sly_2_07
The visual style of sly 2 is great with huge colourful environments and expressive character design. The animation is pretty good but it does tend to clip into the characters during dialogue.ps2_sly_2_06
The collectibles are in less plentiful supply but have been thought out better. Now 30 bottles have been spread out through the open world as well as a few treasures scattered across the area.ps2_sly_2_09
The story has been expanded but still has the same things that made me love the first story. Mark my words the story is even better than the first one. With engaging characters that play off and interact with each other very well.ps2_sly_2_08
The voice cast is great, and although Carmelita’s voice changes throughout the series I think all the voice actors are talented and work well in the series. sly_2_band_of_thieves_002
This is my most petty gripe but the level select screen has lost all its personality. That personality however has gone into the character select screen.Sly-2-band-of-thieves
Sly 2 is a masterpiece in game design it sometimes reminds me of assassins creed with all its open world climbing but this game stands on its own and is in my top ten games of all time. Sly 2: Band of Thieves gets 4 and a half stars out of five.

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