Infamous: First Light Review

Infamous_First_Light_2014_Game_Coverthree_half-stars_0Infamous First Light TableIf you think reading is for chumps check out the video review here

Infamous first light is a prequel to Second Son which follows Abgail “Fetch” Walker and  her adventures prior to the events of second son.

The game has made a wise move and only focuseson one power, neon. This makes the game seem a lot more streamlined at makes you become an expert on just the one power. Because this is a lower budget game the game repeats many missions.
screen_448_1407759057I expected First Light to look on par if not worse than Second Son but the game looks even better especiallyat night. So I guess this makes the game the best looking game on the market.inFAMOUS_First_Light-Fetch_under_the_spotlight_1402372355
The game isn’t that long but you get what you pay for.first-light6
The game has a better and more diverse line up of characters thatstrays away from blanket stereotypes which fetch was in the previous game. I also think that it was a clever idea to ditch the good and evil karma system because it didn’t make much of a difference in Second Son. This game is better paced than the previous but there is a double cross in the game which is just there to keep the game going and give it a more distinct villain than just poorly dressed Russians. However there are quite a few good plot twists that you don’t see coming.2677505-14816665830_af77dafb96_o
The characters that do return are voiced by the same people from Second Son which is great because the cast of Second Son was really good.infamous-first-light-fetch-5
The menus are very similar to the last game but the upgrade tree has been cleaned up a bit which is nice.Infamous-First-Light-Trailer-screenshots-reveal-new-playable-character-in-Stand-alone-title
First Light was a huge surprise for me being a standalone downloadable content game which was a disappointment. I think first light is my game of the year. Infamous: First Light gets 3 and a half stars out of five.

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