NBA 2K14 Review

PS4_Cover_Photothree_half-stars_0NBA 2K14 TableIf you think reading is for chumps check out the video review here
Nba 2k14 is the culmination of 14 years of the Nba 2k franchise. With the reincarnation of the Nba live franchise does 2k remain as the dominant basketball franchise.021840
The main draw card of the Nba 2K games is the smoothest gameplay around. Everything feels like it has weight to it and once you find your groove you will feel like Michael
Nba 2k14 on ps4 and the xbone looks incredible with stunning player likenesses. Because these players look so incredible when they have a weird facial animation they fall right down into the ‘uncanny valley’ and it takes you out of the illusion that your watching a game of basketball. You might say this is a large nitpick because for 90% of the game you won’t see the players faces close up. But I would say if all of your promotional material touts the games graphics especially close up this becomes a fair criticism. When your actually playing the game with a camera that isn’t right in the characters faces the players individual animations are quite lifelike.
MyGM is an update to the association mode and it’s what you wounba2k14_euroleague_gamescom_3ld expect. The Lebron path to greatness mode which was present in the 7th generation version of the game is absent. But my biggest gripe was with the MyCareer mode. There isn’t much build up to becoming an NBA player. There have been a lot of features taken out of it like the D-Leagues I deliberately played badly to see if I could get dropped but I didn’t. Also I remember more of a build up to the grading games with training camps and such. But these are just minor niggles.LeBron3-624x348
A staple of the 2K franchise is great commentary and 2k14 does not disappoint. The commentary could fool someone into thinking you were watching a game.
nba2k14_360_sept18_spurs_heat_001_8_jpg_jpgcopy_27408The menus are basic on the surface level but get more complex and confusing deeper in and sometimes you get completely lost.162213_screenshot_01_l
NBA 2k14 is the best basketball game on the market even though I’ve only played the live 14 demo and it’s ok but nba 2k14 dominates NBA live 14. NBA 2k14 gets 3 and a half stars out of 5.

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