Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus Review

Sly_Cooper_and_the_Thievius_Raccoonus_Coverart4 starssly cooper a table

If you think reading is for chumps check out the video review here

It’s time for another retro review, today we’re going to be reviewing sly cooper and the thievius racconus developed by sucker punch productions and published by sony computer entertainment.150815-Sly_Cooper_and_the_Thievius_Raccoonus_(USA)-1
The game plays fluidly overall. So let’s nitpick! It’s sometimes annoying to die so quickly since one hit your dead. There are turret sequences where you have to defend the cowardly murray using a turret. Cut that shit out! Maybe tell murray to grow a pair and work out. To be fair he does do this in the later games. There is also a section where you play as Bentley hacking into a mainframe and it’s awful. 98287_thumb
Again the hd adds a big visual upgrade and this enhances everything including the excellent character design. Since the characters have very definitive black lines around each character has multiple animations which clip into each other which distracts me.ps2_sly_cooper_04
The game is about 6 hours long which is on the short side but it’s made up, sort of, with plenty of collectibles. ps2_sly_cooper_11
The music screams noir crime films juxtaposed with an excellent, wacky voice cast.Screenshot_sly_cooper_and_the_thievius_raccoonus_25
The character interaction is great especially between Carmelita and sly. The story also pack an emotional punch with a spooky twist. Screenshot_sly_cooper_and_the_thievius_raccoonus_35
The level select screens are covered with maps and relics from each level once you complete them which is awesome. Screenshot_sly_cooper_and_the_thievius_raccoonus_92
Bloody hell I’ve said this 3 times in row but even though I think this game is excellent it did lead to bigger and better things. Sly cooper and the thievius racconus gets 4 stars out of five.

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