Ratchet & Clank Review

RaCbox 23 starsRatchet 2 Table

If you think reading is for chumps check out the video review here http://youtu.be/oKKgORTnxcA

It’s time for another retro review this time I will be taking a look at the 2002 game Ratchet & Clank from insomniac games and sony computer entertainment.0 The game has 3 main pillars of gameplay, platforming, blowing shit up and puzzle solving, which is definitely the smallest of the pillars. But what makes this different from other platformers of the time is that You have your standard melee of course but there’s a lot of other tools to use and by tools I mean guns. Later on in the game there are weapons like the taunter which taunts your enemies and makes them get angry. The platforming is very standard jumping from platform to platform as you would expect. You get a helipack quite early on in the game which makes it a lot easier to platform. And finally there’s puzzling there are mini games to solve and other standard button puzzles which aren’t really puzzles just procrastination.01 The hd does make a slight difference, there’s just a better level of polish and detail to it.   Plus I felt that these worlds were more alive than say Jak and Daxter: The precursor legacy. In that the worlds are physically bigger but in this the worlds feel bigger because in the background you can see flying cars, giant birds flying and stuff like that to make you feel like the world is huge. The art style is also great a mix of Pixar, Warner Bros cartoons and space.151159-Ratchet_&_Clank_(USA)_(En,Fr,De,Es,It)-1 Ratchet & Clank, only has one game mode which is story mode but it is very fun and it’s quite long coming in out about 10 hours or so. It is very good and it’s ripe for multiple playthroughs.ps2_ratchet_clank_22
The basic jist of the story is that chairman drek is harvesting planets because his planet Orxon is dying. So he is making a new planet. Ratchet and Clank’s mission is to find captain qwark help stop chairman drek. Something I took issue with was some of the writing between ratchet and clank. If you’re not familiar with this game for the first two thirds of this game ratchet and clank hate each other. Even though I know this is part of their character arcs it’s just unpleasant sometimes when they argue.Ratchet_&_Clank_screenshot
The presentation is very basic, the start menu is; new game, load game and options. The menus are stock standard and another thing is when you go into your ship you feel like your playing a Japanese game because it’s ‘x’ to blast off, circle to play infobot and triangle to exit. It’s not very standard because when I press circle it’ll play and infobot and little things like that frustrate me.ratchethd-248-001
Voice cast is a joy to listen to except ratchet’s voice which is a bit too kind of y’know ‘radical duuude’. But the rest of the voice cast is great and the music is also top notch.Ratchet-Clank-Trilogy-screenshot-1Just like jak and daxter: The precursor legacy this game ledto bigger and better things. With that in mind Ratchet & clank gets three out of five



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