Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy

showposter2 starsJ TableIf you think reading is for chumps check out the video review here http://youtu.be/TOkvMbygRro

Jak and daxter the precursor legacy is the first game in the jak and daxter series. Is this a game that should be revisited though?

scr_2--article_image Personally I didn’t like the camera controls but you can change the settings. But the camera controls I thought could have been updated by mass media inc. for the ps3. Because there is no up and down camera control if you try to move the camera vertically it will just zoom in and out. Because of that there are many camera problems when you are trying to jump from platform to platform.6832318809_c4caca2567_z
Personally I just didn’t like this art style that the game had going for it and there wasn’t really any wow to it. In a game like ratchet & clank which came out at a similar time there are these massive explosions and and interesting worlds to explore key word being interesting.6832318837_71e4b4202a_z
The story goes something like this in the beginning of the game daxter falls into a pool of dark Eco on misty island and he’s transformed into an ottsel and jak feels guilty for him so they go on a crazy quest to find the dark Eco sage and turn daxter back into his original form. You might be asking what the hell an ottsel is? I’ll tell you and ottsel is a half ottsel half weasel.6832318897_15a22ec6b1_z Basically you need to find power cells to power up a certain vehicle or something like that to progress to the next village. There are 101 power cells to collect. If you want to get into this kinda stuff like platforming this is the game for you. However for a person like me who enjoys platforming but if I wanted to collect every feather, banana and star I would’ve gone back to Crash Bandicoot.ps2_jak_daxter_08
There is nothing special about the presentation I liked how in the start menu your camera would pan and look around the green sage’s hut. The pause menu was a bit odd but I got the jist of it eventually.ps2_jak_daxter_14
The voice cast is great I think daxter really steals the show. He was very funny and his voice actor put in a top notch performance. I did like the music, each stage has a different theme and they really set the tone for the level. Throughout the game the music will go from a happy go lucky theme and then at the latter portion of the game it will go to a more dark and serious tone.ps2_jak_daxter_25 It was fairly good and I think it did deserve an hd remake, this was the first stage in the jak and daxter trilogy. Just like afl live I’m very torn on this game. For modern standards I’d give it 2 and a quarter stars but just like afl live I’m gonna have to give this game 2 stars out of 5.

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