Murdered: Soul Suspect Review

murdered_ps4_pegi16_13915262682 starsM Table

If you think reading is for chumps check out the video review here

Murdered soul suspect is a type of game which you won’t pick up spontaneously. But will this review sway your opinion?Murdered-Soul-Suspect-screenshot-4

The game isn’t boring but it’s mostly just going through the motions. It’s a lot of walking in this game and when you get to the mystery part it’s boring because you’ve got no agency when deducing your mysterious killing. There is also a part where your talking to a little girl and that sets the tone for the rest of the talking in this game, going through a clipboard and saying everything. You don’t have any choice whether what to say or what not to say. Why give us dialogue options when they don’t have any perceived agency. Look you can go with 2 routes when it comes to dialogue options. You can go the Ratchet & Clank: Tools of Destruction route where you can ask the questions to progress the story or you can ask the questions that build the universe. Or you can go the mass effect route and make every choice have agency or have the illusion of agency. But nothing that they’re talking about is interesting.e5dc6c3a147901a4f88ee32d4dd0d9d5In purgatory there are some nice visual touches but most of the time the game looks bland. Sometimes as with the purgatory example there are also some decent lighting in places. Also the little girl you talk to looks like a full grown woman who someone has used the scale tool in blender and said that’ll do.Murdered-Soul-Suspect
The game has a decent length of 6 hours.Murdered-Soul-Suspect-new-screenshots-1024x576
There is no punch to the sound effects.The story is simple you were raised on the streets and grew doing crimes to make ends meet. But then you turn over a new leaf and become a cop, wait a minute I’m pretty sure if you’ve got a criminal record which the cops knew he had how was he appointed a job in the force, logical fallacy anyway moving on.Murdered-Soul-Suspect-screenshot-1
The menus are simple and easy to use.Murdered-Soul-Suspect-screenshot-3
Murdered soul suspect is game that you should only buy if you’re stuck in an elevator and need to reduce some weight from your wallet and fat guy in the elevator is only selling copies of murdered soul suspect.

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