AFL Live Review

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If you think reading is for chumps check out the video review here

Afl live is the only afl game to come out in 2011, and the only afl console release since 2007.AFL-Live-2011-LZ

The game is generally smooth flowing from kick to handball to tackle. I’ve heard the complaint that there are too many ball ups but you just need to use some sweet handball skills. AFL-live-screenshot-04
The game looks budget, well duh this is a game made on a smaller budget compared to something like the NBA 2K series. There is the noticeable lack of Etihad stadium with its roof open, why? We had that feature in afl live 2007. On the subject of weather effects the lack of twilight matches is also a noticeable exclusion.AFL-live-screenshot-01
The season mode keeps you coming back but not for long because you can only play one freakin season.AFL-live-screenshot-02

The game features Brian Taylor and the voice of football Dennis commeti who lend their lungs and tongues to the in game commentary. I did notice that Dennis commeti’s lines were re-used from Afl 2007 which seems a bit lazy. And that commentary was probably used in early instalments, so lazy, lazy, lazy.AFL-live-screenshot-03

The menus are very straight forward and the trophy room is pretty cool where you can view all the important things in life; virtual trophies in a low budget afl game. I would of liked more in depth stat tracking which I could view at any time in the game’s pause menu.afl2012061201094812
When you compare Afl live to Nba 2k11 there is a considerable difference in graphical polish and General Polish. I wish so bad that I could give this game 2 and three quarters but it doesn’t make it to 3 stars.

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