Uncharted 2: Among Thieves Review

1127914-unchartedslimthree_half-stars_0U Table

If you think reading is for chumps check out the video review here http://youtu.be/5OIuC_bY7XU

Uncharted 2 is the sequel to uncharted. Behold an example of my brilliant researching. Can this sequel hold up?

UNCHARTED2-E309HDThe cover shooting is well executed cover is everywhere and everything you think can be taken cover on can be taken cover on. The cover shooting alone is a bit dull though. Melee combat has been expanded for this very reason as well as stealth. While the melee is fun you can’t enjoy it because whenever you get out of cover on the harder difficulties you die almost automatically. Stealth is serviceable with drake using the environment to his advantage but even so this all goes out the window when one measly guard gets a whiff of you.

The game is a visual power house even to this day with beautiful environmental effects and superb animation. However the characters in cutscenes have these weird bug eyes.

Uncharted-2-hotel-climb-screenshot The campaign is on the short side but a decent length nonetheless. Even though this game is quite fun to replay the collectible treasures add nothing to the experience.

Uncharted_2__Among_Thieves-PlayStation_3Screenshots16669Uncharted2_01 The story is generally well written there are quite a few plot twists you won’t see coming as well as some you will see coming. Through thick and thin through brown and grey the characters always pulled me through.

uncharted2425df The experience has a decent score with some exceptional voice acting to boot. uncharted22_04

There are no load times outside the very first one when you boot up the game. This is a long load time but ultimately worth it.Game_Uncharted2_03

Uncharted 2 is a borderline great game and a textbook on how to make a good game. It seems that this game is a textbook for any company who wants to shit out any soulless committee designed piece of crap.

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