Infamous Second Son Review

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Oh thank god this isn’t a 2d game. I mean 5 of the 7 games I have reviewed have been 2d. Anyway, Infamous second son was the game I was looking forward to the most when I saw it at the PlayStation 4 conference in February 2013. Does this new chapter in the franchise hold up though?


The fast combat works well most of the time. But the environment can seem a bit cluttered so I might be shooting some twats when some other twat come up and kill me from behind. The movement system is great especially with powers. But when I compare this to Assassin’s Creed IV which such a good free running feel to it the regular climbing in this doesn’t have the same weight so I was always trying to find some vents or neon. The powers are great and creative and all have their uses. Except the last one which is absolutely pointless most of the time. There are some gimmicks like painting which work well like spray painting but destroying mobile command centres is a bit finicky. Boss battles also have way too many hit points.


This is the best looking game period and watching this review doesn’t do it justice if you want to get the best out of this game play it in 1080p. I have seen some outrage about this game being only 30 frames per second personally I sometimes I thought the game was running at 60 frames per second and I only noticed one slowdown and that was because I was sifting through the game very carefully. The power effects look great especially the neon. One camera transition brought a bit of pop in. There are some big old concrete structures in the south island which are quite annoying because the enemies easily blend into it.


The game is pretty short especially for a sandbox game. The is about 8 hours long which is nothing compared to Assassin’s creed IV 30 hours long. But the game wants to be played twice with its karma mechanic. Random encounters and side-quests pad out the game as well.


The sound design is excellent with great voice acting and sound effects. Even the PS4 controller speaker gets some much needed love.


The story is good with coherent character arcs and an interesting conspiracy story with plenty of twists and turns. The main characters are great and well rounded the antagonist even is great with clear motives revealed in an epic final boss fight. The facial capture in the game is pretty similar to other games but the overall smoothness is great. A big complaint I have is the game keeps asking you to be a good character or a bad character. But there’s no point to it because you need to be all the way good or all the way bad to get the best ending and toys.


The game boots up instantly and the menus are very streamlined but the options menu is quite archaic and hard to find.


Infamous second son has me split in two minds for one the story is great and the combat is also fun. But some boss fights have way too many hit points. Plus the binary moral choice system can seem a little intrusive. But overall this is a solid experience which will keep early adopters of the system and infamous fans will be pleased with this game. The sly cooper fan in me also had a little squeal from time to time with plenty of little tid bits here and there. Especially Delson’s Ringtone.

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