Age of Zombies Review

AgeOfZombies_bannerage of tabletwo-and-a-half-stars
Age of zombies is a 99 cent game developed by Halfbrick Studios the developer of the insanely popular Fruit Ninja and Jetpack Joyride had a few games that didn’t reach the mega success of the formers.


The twin stick shooting is alright firing your secondary weapon is hard since the virtual sticks will auto-detect where your fingers are. Personally I think the game would be better suited to a gamepad. The game never evolves much after the first few levels besides spawning more dudes and I only died once in my play through of the campaign.

age of z screenshot

The game has a similar style to a lot of Halfbrick games. It reminds me of being half way between pixel art and cel shading.

age of zo screenshot

The campaign is short maybe 30 minutes but you can’t really expect much from an iOS game and it’s not too long that it gets dull. The survival mode adds some replay value as you chase scores by killing everything.


The story is a mixed bag there are some funny lines undermined by the fact that there is no voice acting for the game. I mean c’mon who wants to read jokes. Halfbrick aren’t experienced writers because the expositions to joke transitions come with an almost audible clunk.


The fast and stylish menus do the job.


I think I’ve criticised this game too much I mean it’s a mobile game and criticising it for story and voice acting would be like telling a toddler’s finger painting colour pallet isn’t finely tuned. Just pick this up its 99 cents and it’ll be worth it.

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