Don’t Starve: Console Edition Review


Don'tDon’t Starve Console Edition is an indie game does it defy the indie game cloud of boring rip offs or does it melt into that cloud of rip offs?


I prefer this crafting system to Minecraft’s basically you start off with a simple bunch of objects to craft you build science machines to prototype things then you can make the object anywhere whenever.  I spent a lot of time gathering manure to create a farm that grows seeds but I didn’t see it grow any seeds. The procedurally generated worlds are crap. Sometimes you might spawn in an area infested with big eyeball monsters which killed me instantly. Another time I found no stone in for 13 days before I died from not being able to craft weapons with stones.  The camera is controlled with R1 and L1 which works but feels very finicky. I found some charm in Chester a helpful little chest/dog who stores items and tags along with you.


The visuals are decent and the style is ok. It is just plain boiler plate.


There are a plentiful amount of unlockable characters and most of them are useless like Wolfpack and Wendy.


The music is decent and adds to the dark tone to the game but there could have more variety because there are only one track in the soundtrack.


The story is just plain bad. I know it’s not trying to be a great bombastic story but I don’t even know why we see and play as other characters. We know how Wilson got there but how did the others arrive in this land?


The maps are finicky because they adjust to the camera’s angle and that can completely disorientate you. A much better solution is to just have the character symbol in the map have an arrow on it to point the way the camera is angled. Level customization menu is confusing.


Don’t Starve Console Edition has one good idea but doesn’t capitalize on it. Everything else has been done before and done better. What charms the game has are undermined by a poor story and bad design choices.

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