Rayman Origins Review

original3 stars

Ray Table

Rayman Origins was a launch title for the Vita. Is this a launch title that is forgotten quickly or is it a rare gem in the launch line up that is amazing?


The game features smooth plat forming which is just amazing with it naturally flowing from wall jump to swing to glide. Combat can get occasionally annoying. The 2d shooter sections are annoying and slow the games pace and feel like a drag. The skull teeth challenges are bloody hard to.


The plat forming is animated amazingly well for 2d sprites. The levels and backgrounds all have beautiful variety and colour.


The game is a decent length but it is bloody hard in some places.


The story doesn’t really have anything coherent but who the hell really wants a story in a Rayman game. Get from point A to B Mister Picky Pants.


The music is nice and whimsical and sets a good tone.


The map screen owes a lot to a certain plumber with the background is more like a map.


Rayman Origins is a good game probably not as good as Uncharted Golden Abyss but stays just above mediocre to get 3 stars.

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