Starhawk Review



St table

Starhawk is the spiritual successor to Warhawk but is Starhawk great or apocalyptically bad?


The gunplay is competent and the build and battle system is awesome. Gunplay isn’t perfect since there is regenerating. The scabs feel like pests and will swarm you which makes the game intense.


The game looks great especially when you’re flying around and the aesthetic is awesome.


The single player is very short but at least it doesn’t run out of ideas and didn’t out stay its welcome. But then again I did pay $100 for a campaign which is piss weak so cut the price down to $30 and we’ll be fine.


The voice acting is good and the western soundtrack is great but some weapons have pussy sound effects.


The cutscenes are nice with great effects like rift energy on Emmett’s skin. But this doesn’t detract from some of the story not making sense and character motivations are unclear.


The loading times are minuscule but the menus are unclear like the going into multiplayer menu lets you access the single player level select.


Starhawk is a fun game that is let down by its length and price the game is fun but it’s just too expensive. Maybe a sequel could have a decent campaign. Before all you multiplayer Johnnies say it makes up for it but a full price game must stand up on single-player alone.

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