The Amazing Spider-Man Review


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The Amazing Spider-Man is the movie tie-in to the film of the same name. Is it as good as Spiderman 2 or does it fail terribly.


The best part of Spider-Man 2 was the web swinging but in the Amazing Spider-Man they dumb it down and you hold down a button. So they fucked up the web swinging, what about the indoor gameplay? Well it’s watered down Arkham City the combat lacks weight compared to Batman’s immensely satisfying combat and the predator is too easy since you can go anywhere on the roof rather than pre-determined gargoyles. The game is competent but is ultimately forgettable and the unique gameplay element is has been watered down by holding a button with no skill required.


The game looks dated with facial animation being laughable and NPC’s looking they belong on an og Xbox. Spider-Man does look nice with his costume being faithfully recreated and he animates nicely.


The game is a decent length but side missions don’t progress in any way and get boring after a while.


The sound design is good especially for the giant robots but Spider-Man’s voice is annoying and I wish that he would copy Batman’s personality and shut his trap.


The story is decent but ultimately forgettable.


The menus are sufficient and the loading times don’t quite get on my pants.


At the end of the Spider-Day The Amazing Spider-Man is a dull experience but not a painful experience it’s is mediocre. It’s small boy trying to copy it’s mother and father (in this case Arkham City and Spider-Man 2) but not grasping the subtleties like challenging gameplay.

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