Saints Row: The Third Review

Saints-Row-The-Third_Playstation3_covers tablefour_half-stars_0

Saints Row: The Third is a sandbox game where you do crazy things does this game fall flat or is it great.


The shooting is functional, there are no cover mechanics because the game trusts you can put something between yourself and hot lead without cuddling up to it like you want to shag it after the film. But there is still regenerating health so it all evens out. The vehicles are awesome like a flying motorbike that can hover and shoot lasers. There are also extensive amounts of customization. Where the game left me dumbfounded is the final boss fight which is the exactly the same mechanically as the final boss from Uncharted 2.


The city looks great when you fly around it. But when you look close the pedestrians look bad and the big roided up enemies look substandard.


The campaign is a decent length with plenty of side missions and after that you can just fuck around in the sandbox.


The voice acting is great; my favourite character was the mayor.


The story has a hilarious with an undercurrent of parody but the plot threads were jumbled around and sometimes the plot was completely incoherent.


The loading times are short which keeps the play at a maximum.


Saints Row: The Third is what GTA should be. But Saints Row is a game with fun ideas cool weapons and the sandbox is fun. I highly recommend Saints Row The Third.

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