Portal 2 Review


p table


Portal 2 is massively popular with geeks, do I agree or do I want to shit on those nerd’s graves.


The portal mechanics are creative. Some puzzles are frustrating and completely obtuse which made me put down the game. The new gel system is fun and makes for fun puzzles. The connecting elements drag on hope you like looking around a cluttered environment for a tiny bit of portable wall. If you like customizing controls on consoles Portal 2 has got you set there are so many options for you to control this game, granted some of them are pointless like southpaw but there are still cool to mess around with.


The game looks great most of the time, sometimes the source engine shows its age however. There are some cool graphical touches like seeing Chell in another portal which adds to the immersion.


The co-op campaign is fun with a friend with a friend which is where you will get your money’s worth. This sounds like a weird negative but the single player is too long. The puzzles seem overly padded with half of them good and the other half bad.


The voice acting is sublime.


The characters are well rounded but the game takes too long to get going.


The menu auto saving feature is nice which allows you to pick from multiple saves. Another problem with the source engine is the constant load times that break the flow.


In conclusion, Portal 2’s single player should have been cut down and the co-op campaign should be completely axed and sold for $30.

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