FIFA 08 Review


F tabletwo-and-a-half-stars

If you think reading is for chumps check out the video review

Heads up, this is a redux of the 2013 review to coincide with the new review on YouTube.

FIFA 08 is a soccer game that came out in 2007. Yes we’re going to review a game from 2007 in 2015. But is this game good or is it a pile of shit and chips.


The game plays well, it’s fine not ground-breaking but not terrible. Slide tackling is fun and satisfying but players feel too slow and passing is sluggish.


The animations are fluid and the A players look nice however b grade players don’t look very good.


Sport games are hard to classify in terms of lasting appeal you can spend hours in a game mode. There was no killer game mode for me so I wasn’t compelled to play the game after the first short tournament consisting of 4 games that I completed. There are lots of teams even the Australian ones who suck compared to the European ones. This really depends on how much of a diehard soccer fan you are.


The game sounds like authentic soccer with appropriate commentary and ambience.


EA Sports games have the awesome quality of letting you play while the game is loading. Why don’t more games do this? Some of the menus are hard to navigate but it’s overshadowed by letting you play while the game loads.



FIFA 08 is a game which I can only recommend to soccer fans but then they should just buy FIFA 15 so if you find this game in a bargain bin and you love soccer and you haven’t got the cash for FIFA 15 and don’t have FIFA 09-14 pick it up or you’re really into your gaming history. FIFA 08 gets 2 and a half stars out of five.

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