Ratchet & Clank: Q-Force (Vita) Review



ratchet and clank q table

Ratchet & Clank Q Force (Full Frontal Assault for the fatter countries and for the Vita) is a Ratchet game that tries to combine tower defence and classic Ratchet gameplay. Does this game seamlessly combine those elements or does the game face plant at the first hurdle?


The gameplay from All 4 One has changed and instead of basing the game around co-op it’s just kind of there. The gimmick that North Carolina has bought to the table is tower-defence just like Bioshock Infinite, Assassin’s Creed Revelations and Call of Duty Black Ops 2. One minute I’m shooting up blokes with Buzz Blades and the next I’m backtracking to shoot some blokes trying to come into my base. This doesn’t flow very well but isn’t broken. However that it’s just annoying to go back to your base and fend off baddies. On top of that the enemies will get through your base defences. I’ve heard that co-op helps with that as you can have one player guard the base and another to collect bolts.


I can also accuse the game of false advertising, in the trailer it says cross-play however this is not true. You can only play against people with another Vita. Speaking of multiplayer the PS3 version has 2v2 but the Vita version only has 1v1, which is weird. The campaign is only 3 hours long with little replay value.


The sound design is decent with meaty gun effects to go with horrible weapon visual effects.


The story is shallow but at least coherently told if you can get past the awful looking cut scenes.


The game looking horrible still makes the game load for a bloody long time. Matchmaking, joining and searching also takes way too long.


Well done Tin Giant for porting a game that might have got 2.5 stars to a game that gets 1.5 stars. Let’s hope in a few weeks that Into the Nexus is a worthy successor to a Crack in Time.

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