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The sequel to Sly 3 is here with a new dev team but can they make a worthy successor to the beloved PlayStation franchise? Sly-Cooper-Thieves-in-Time-US-Launch-Trailer_1

The platforming has that same jump and press the circle button feel. The hub-worlds are huge and panoramic. However my favourite thing to do in Sly 2 & 3 is run around slapping my bum near enemies and leaving a trail of perplexed guards to run away from eventually amassing the entire map of enemies into my entourage. However the AI gives up in Thieves in Time after a good 20 metre run and attracts no one except if you the player run into someone’s flash-light.


 Thieves in time also has minigames some of which need to be completed with six-axis or gyroscopes which you can’t turn off so they are just annoying and tedious. Yes Sanzaru well fucking done you know how to code for a gyroscope. Sanzaru seem to be continuing the series tradition by adding more layers of flaky pastry to the succulent meat of the series. In this case the ancestors are pretty much just costumes for sly put into a new character slot. So 75% of the time you’ll be playing as sly or one of his cardboard cut-outs 15% as Bentley and Murray and 10% gimmicky minigames.

boss fight

 Look all you need to know about the graphics is that everything looks great, detailed, colourful and looks like the obvious evolution to the next generation of graphics technology. One problem I had with the previous sly games is that some of the animation looked jerky and bad. You’ll be pleased to know that the animation has been  polished to a mirror shine. The vita version looks great apart from a few anti-aliasing issues.


The campaign is long and is satisfying with me rushing through the main campaign in 15 hours and when I beat I doubled back and got all of the collectibles. Speaking of which if you want to 100% this game your going to have try bloody hard. 150 clue bottles, 60 masks, 60 treasures and a but tonne of trophies and secrets.


The voice acting is great with all the returning characters maintaining there respective actors expect for Carmelita of course who continues to have her voice actor changed. The main theme is catchy and all the other music is good but feels like it’s all cut from the same carpet.

sly and ancestor

 The hide-outs make for great menus and everything is nice and interactive if you just want to kill a bit of time by looking through your treasure chest or play some Ping-Pong. Loading times on the Vita can clock in at around 30 seconds and on the PS3 version around 15 seconds. Not appalling but not great either.

purple ancestor

The story is good on reflection but had the potential to be amazing. The character arcs are a bit messed up the Murray and Bentley arcs are mentioned then wrapped up like 20 mins later. Sly and Carmelita go through and which is about to pay off at the end but is neglected to have a cliff-hanger ending. Motion comics look amazing with high production values. A far cry from most games use of motion comics which is to have poorly made motion comics because the studio didn’t have a fat sum of cash for pre-rendered cutscenes. The in-game cutscenes look nice too.


Sly Cooper Thieves in Time is a great game that everyone who likes colour, (other than gunmetal grey or dog shit brown) fun and creativity. On reflection Sly 4 is like The Amazing Spiderman film better than 1 and 3 and debatable that it’s better than the second.

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